The Immortal Brain, Part Four
Chapter 7, Scene 14
Released: 19/06/12
The Immortal Brain, Part Three
The Hard Way

The Immortal Brain, Part Four is the fourteenth scene of Chapter Seven.


The scene opens with Bernie shocked at the revelation that his father would ever have worked with something as unethical as Geoffrey's shells. Though Samuel ensures Bernie that his dad did it for the greater good. Bernie is unsure, comparing his father to Geoffrey, though Samuel insists that while Bernard Senior may have done such actions, he always felt guilty about it (unlike Geoffrey).

Continuing his story, Samuel then explains that Bernie's father had been working on Project Sixteen. The plan aimed to convert sixteen living humans into powerful shells for Samuel to access. Of the initial sixteen five were killed straight off by the pathogen, leaving six males and five females.

Samuel then explains how he entered the shells, and how he experienced life from their eyes. He then explains that they even named the shells, the group almost being like one big family.

Following the success of the infection, Bernard Senior then worked on augmenting the shell's bodies. Over the course of several years Bernard Senior slowly began to improve on each of the remaining shells. Although he initially did little actual work, by the eight he had done substantial improvements to the shells.

Following the eight shell however none of the final three were able to survive (being too powerful for their own minds). Following this then Project Sixteen was completed. Bernard Senior then took leave of Samuel, though the pair would never meet again.

Cutting back from the flashback, Bernie then fills in and states that at that time zombies would have been just attacking New Hammerston (it was also the time when Bernard Senior would begin building the Supermarket Base and the time of Hannah's death).

Samuel then states that the Eight never awoke. Being hunted by vampires he was forced to flee and attempted to hide until the machines captured his mind.

Having completed the story Samuel expresses his surprise that he would ever run into Bernard Senior's children, while Bernie is amazed at his father's abilities (Joe is expectedly unimpressed by both). After Bernie mentions that Samuel might be able to recover Joe's powers, Joe is instantly interested. Though Samuel is unsure of whether he can recover them, he states that he will try.


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