The Immortal Brain, Part One
Chapter 7, Scene 11
Released: 06/06/2012
The Immortal Brain, Part Two

The Immortal Brain, Part One is the eleventh scene of Chapter Seven.


The scene is shown as a sepia coloured flashback. At the start Bernard Senior is shown addressing a board of directors. He explains that he is the head of the Immortal Brain Project. The project revolves around Subject BR01 (Samuel), who Bernard Senior tells is essentially a brain without a body.

Going on he talks of the wonders which could potentially be learned from the brain. He mentions how he intends to transfer the brain into a shell (a dead body technically kept alive by his team).

Concluding his talk, Bernard Senior tells his team to begin the transfer. While things seem to be going well the attempt ultimately fails.

Leaving the room Bernard Senior runs into Geoffrey. Though Bernard Senior attempts to pass him by, Geoffrey insists on showing him something which he claims can help make the Immortal Brain Project work.

Taking him to another room Geoffrey shows Bernard Senior his own version of the shell. Geoffrey explains that, unlike Bernard Senior's shells which are simply dead bodies kept functioning, his is an actual living human whose mind has been destroyed by a pathogen.

Disgusted at this Bernard Senior attempts to have Geoffrey cure the shell, though Geoffrey refuses, stating that the end will justify the means (and that there is also no cure).


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