The Immortal Brain, Part Three
Chapter 7, Scene 13
Released: 16/06/2012
The Immortal Brain, Part Two
The Immortal Brain, Part Four

The Immortal Brain, Part Three is the thirteenth scene of Chapter Seven.


The scene opens with Bernie, Joe and Samuel discussing the events of the previous scene. Bernie is shocked to realise that there was an elder so closer to him. Getting bored Joe begins to leave, though Samuel pleads with him to stay, eventually convincing him by explaining that he could potentially unlock his full abilities.

Continuing his story, Samuel explains that, following the elder's threats Bernard Senior was forced to continue working on the Immortal Brain Project, using Geoffrey's living shells.

The scene then switches to the sepia coloured flashback. In the laboratory Bernard Senior is once more shown trying to resuscitate Samuel. As the humans start the project Samuel, conscious (yet bodiless), is shown talking to a hidden vampire. Samuel asks what the vampire is doing there, the vampire reveals that he is Dominik, and that he has been manipulating the Immortal Brain Project from the beginning.

The flashback then stops and Samuel reveals that it was Dominik who had been the elder to threaten Bernard Senior.

Cutting back to the flashback Samuel is shown talking once more to Dominik, who is shown to be marvelling at the potential of the project. Angered at this, Samuel swears to stop him.

At this moment, Bernard Senior gives the word to begin the experiment, though before he can finish his command Samuel wakes up. Samuel (no longer talking about the flashback) then explains to Bernie and Joe that, following Dominik's threats, he felt he had to make his move.

Returning to the flashback Samuel explains that, following his revival, he became good friends with Geoffrey and Bernard Senior. Realising that only Bernard Senior was safe from Dominik's influence, Samuel explained to him about the nature of vampires.

Returning from the flashback, Samuel tells Bernie and Joe how, after explaining to Bernard Senior about vampires, the pair began to plan Dominik's demise. Having fled the country, Samuel explains that Bernard Senior then began working on a new project.


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