The Immortal Brain, Part Two
Chapter 7, Scene 12
Released: 11/06/2012
The Immortal Brain, Part One
The Immortal Brain, Part Three

The Immortal Brain, Part Two is the twelfth scene of Chapter Seven.


The scene opens with Samuel, Joe and Bernie discussing Samuel's past. When asked why he didn't simply go into a dead body, Samuel explains that it would be like a rock to him.

The flashback is then continued where Bernard Senior is shown approaching Nordine. While Bernard Senior attempts to explain about Geoffrey's unethical work, Nordine is unconcerned (feeling that the end justifies the means).

Furious Bernard Senior states that he'll resign, though Nordine makes a rather cryptic warning for him not to.

Returning home Bernard Senior meets Hannah. He instructs her not to open the doors for anyone bar him. Going in to check on his children he discovers a Vampire Elder by them. Though he tries to fight it he is overpowered.

While vulnerable the vampire explains that it is after technology, and that Bernard Senior will finish the Immortal Brain Project (or else his family will be killed).


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