The Rest of Aaron’s Tale, Part 1
Chapter 6, Scene 17
Released: 22/02/2012
Still in There
The Rest of Aaron’s Tale, Part 2

The Rest of Aaron’s Tale, Part 1 is the seventeenth scene of Chapter Six.


In the apartment Nathan and Annika discuss their current situation, complaining that Rusty has spent all of their credits.

Aaron arrives and offers to take them out, though Annika insists on waiting for Rusty. Conceding, Aaron says that he'll get them a takeaway instead. Upon returning he begins to continue his story.

He picks up where he left off, with his main character in the vampire cell. As a vampire enters he shouts at him, the vampire leads him outside into a blood collection room. Here the vampires discuss the boy, suggesting that he be turned. Before they can however the child's uncle arrives and attacks them, the boy fleeing.


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