Trapped in the Colony
Chapter 6, Scene 15
Released: 16/02/2012
Ms. Pink Lace
Still in There

Trapped in the Colony is the fifteenth scene of Chapter Six.


Outside of Bernie's apartment Nick is shown having a conversation (with himself) about Jess taking him back. While doing so Aaron arrives, and asks him what he's doing out of jail. Nick then goes off on one about how he feels trapped in the colony.

Inside, Bernie is shown with an unconscious Rosa, wondering if she'll recover. She briefly flits into consciousness, however not for long. As Bernie wonders over her condition Nick and Aaron knock outside. Bernie prays that they go away, however the two enter.

Meeting them, Bernie tries to get them to leave, however Nick becomes annoyed (yet again going on about his position in the colony). Bernie rebukes him (citing his reckless actions like taking the machine weapon) however Aaron reveals that he has it with him. Bernie eventually manages to convince the pair to leave, though while leaving Aaron asks Bernie about Annika, apparently having an interest in her.

Following the pair's leaving Bernie turns around and finds a conscious Rosa.


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