Trusting Bernies
Chapter 8, Scene 11
Released: 31/12/12
Destination: Brookfield
Stubborn Ass

Trusting Bernies is the eleventh scene of Chapter Eight.


The scene opens with Bernie and Jake arguing over what to do with the remainder of Bernie's group. While Bernie insists that all of his group (including the likes of Gorb and Rosa) should be let in Jake refuses, arguing that they should be killed.

Just as Jake is preparing to leave Ludo arrives. He tells the pair of how, when the colony was being established he ran into trouble with Bernard Senior. While Bernard Senior wished to work on power generators, Ludo and the other survivors at the time wanted to fix the walls. Eventually Bernard Senior got his way, and, though in the short term it lead to eighty-six deaths, in the long-term the benefit of having the generators was worth it.

Concluding his story Ludo explains how he trusts Bernie the same way that he trusted his father, and for Jake to allow all of Bernie's group in.

The scene then skips outside, where Bernie and Jake are overseeing the group heading in.

Despite his orders Jake however turns to fire on the group, ordering his men to do so as well, believing it to be for the best.


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