Under Attack
Chapter 8, Scene 16
Released: 07/03/13
It's Her
Broken Reunion

Under Attack is the sixteenth scene of Chapter Eight.


The scene opens with Bernie nervously approaching a seemingly unconscious Joe. Asking how he feels, Joe responds mentally that he is feeling happy. Bernie tries to talk to him, while slowly backing off, though Joe accuses Bernie of merely trying to use him. Bernie denies this, though is then blasted by Joe, whom he now realises is Victor. As Bernie realises the truth he tries to warn people away, though Victor knocks him out.

Aaron then arrives and tries to help Bernie. Victor then mocks him in regards to Annika, before knocking him out too. A group of soldiers then try to pacify Victor, though he blasts all five of them.

Nina then arrives and tries to wake her brother, though fails. While Victor attempts to knock her out too, Rosa manages to block his attack. Meeting in the Dream World, Victor easily deals with the vampire.

Back in the real world Samuel asks Rosa if she is okay, though she responds that Victor is simply too strong. Realising the threat, Samuel declares that there is only one choice.

Heading out into town Samuel tries to find Annika. Though she tries to run from him he is too quick. Upon reaching her Samuel explains that he will not allow any harm to come to her, but that they need to find her brother.


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