Up Doc's Sleeve
Chapter 7, Scene 24
Released: 13/08/12
Beautiful Eyes
Who's Hurting Who?

Up Doc's Sleeve is the twenty-fourth scene of Chapter Seven.


The scene opens with Harry and several Night Stalkers cautiously facing an injured member of their group. Well aware that the injured man is meant to lure them into a trap, the group places charges before slowly advancing forward.

As the group advances two zompires jump out, though are destroyed by the charges. Another two emerge from in front of the group, though are riddled with bullets. Collecting the injured man the group decide to head out to meet Jess.

Outside of the room they find an injured Jess lying on the floor. Harry approaches her and announces that she is still alive, though injured. As the group contemplate their next move Doc reveals himself.

Though the group are wary of him, Doc convinces them to head after Dominik and Rosa, stating that Rosa holds the cure to the zombie virus.


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