Vampire Elder

A vampire elder.

Vampires are one of the five known monster types.

Unlike most other monsters they existed long before The Pocalypse, having existed as a secret society alongside humans for centuries. It was upon humanities mass destruction that they at last emerged.

As with zombies, vampirism is spread to humans via the vampire virus (often from a vampire bite). Unlike zombies however vampires appear to be able to procreate on their own (Andrius and Dominik being sons of Dagan).

Vampires are characterized by pale skin and red eyes that appear to glow in the darkness. Vampire society is hierarchical, most vampires being subservient to the ancient order of elders (though there are a few exiles who seem to exist independently; such as Katherine ).

The average vampire is noticeably more powerful than a human, having super strength, speed, a much longer lifespan and the ability to enter the Dream World, stronger vampires being able to use Mind Crafting.

Unlike humans however vampires suffer from a number of weaknesses, notably being harmed by exposure to sunlight (prolonged exposure being able to kill them). They also suffer from a thirst for blood, often leading to them farming humans in so called blood farms.

Notable Vampires:Edit

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