We Will Need Him
Chapter 8, Scene 20
Released: 03/12/13
Let Me Die
Escaping Home

We Will Need Him is the twentieth scene of Chapter Eight.


The scene opens with Rosa telling Samuel that he and Joe must escape the colony. As Samuel prepares to head to the Supermarket Base he is unable to wake Bernie up. Aaron then recovers. At first startled by Samuel, he then becomes emotional over Annika's death. Samuel tries to console him, but insists that they need to get to the Supermarket Base. Eventually Aaron agrees, though he carries Annika's body with him, while Samuel takes Joe and Bernie.

A short while later Jake, Rosa, Doc, Gorb and several soldiers arrive. Jake is desperate to find who killed him men, though Rosa will not help him. The group reach a standoff, with all pointing weapons at each other, though eventually things calm down. The scene ends with Jake pushing for more control of the town.


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