What If He's Right?
Chapter 7, Scene 4
Released: 08/05/2012
Playing God
One Last Scavenge

What If He's Right? is the fourth scene of Chapter Seven.


Still in the Dream World, Phillip attempts to escape, but fails. He is once more approached by Andrius, who this time creates a copy of Phillip (having it speak to Phillip as if it were his conscience).

Although Phillip remains sceptical, Andrius continues his trickery. He then changes the Dream World from a scene of paradise to a freezing, barren waste. Here he shows Phillip's family being attacked by zombies.

Waking up, Phillip announces that he knows what must be done. Oscar then approaches him, telling him that he needs his help for something.

The scene then cuts to Bernie's group, who are holed up in a small room. Jess and Joe are shown to be arguing over minor things. After some questioning Bernie reveals that he plans to release Inner Joe to deal with Dominik. He also reveals that it is Rosa in the cage.


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